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Panoz AIV Roadster

For today’s review we’re looking at a Panoz AIV Roadster.  Let’s ride back in time in one of my favorite cars.

American car

Panoz Roadster is an American made sports car with great handling, V8 motor.  It’s made here in America which is great. Roadster has a V8 motor, no comparison to any Chrysler comparison car.






The steering, the performance on it is 10 times better than any Chrysler performance car.  It’s a real true American Roadster.

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1998 Panoz Roadster





We’re looking at a 1998 Panoz Roadster. This is an amazing car. This is the first one of these I’ve ever checked out in person. I’ve seen pictures and I tell you they don’t do the car justice. I want you to hear this thing.





It sounds kind of like a Ferrari. I’m telling you this thing’s got plenty of power. It’s like a cobra but much more refined. It’s got just a beautiful stance; this one is kind of done in kind of a cobalt blue. Tell me that doesn’t remind you of a cobra.

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