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Panoz Esperante Spyder GT Prototype featured in Jay Leno’s Garage

In this review Jay Leno takes us on in depth review of 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder GT Prototype.

Jay Leno:  Welcome to another episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.  This is a very rare automobile, in fact it’s the only there is.  This is a prototype of the 2015 Panoz Esperante Spyder.  Fascinating history of this car – everyday someone is building a super car, “Oh we’re gonna build this, we’re gonna build that.”  They rarely come to fruition.  They’ll pass government tests; there’s always some reason it don’t happen.  But I seem to know an awful lot about these things that don’t happen.  Then there are other people on the other side like Dan Panoz, who they’re building cars for years.  Extremely successful entrepreneur, businessman, no talk just action.

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Panoz Esperante Review – The Most “Hidden” Supercar

This is a Panoz Esperante, what a beautiful name. It’s fun to say, Esperante. No car since I’ve moved to Georgia has quite intrigued me in curiosity as the Esperante. Panoz is a car company or more of a manufacturer located in Braselton, Georgia. And Braselton is basically right above Atlanta, it’s basically right where the country starts.

First impression, it’s a race car on the street. They have a ton of history at Road Atlanta. They do a bunch of testing there and they build their cars and they already them there for the authorities them everywhere else which is great. But they’re a very small, homey, grassroots super car company if you think about it. And the first thing that you notice about the Esperante is the interior. Now the cool thing about a Panoz car is that you make it your own. Continue reading

Panoz Esperante Spyder/Spyder GT Review

For today’s review we are proud to present an up close and in depth look at the Panoz Esperante Spyder and Spyder GT. In this review we’ll start them up, show the engines, go to the performance data and get plenty of exhaust clips. Take them both on a thorough drive and show you many of the unique aspects throughout the interiors as well as exteriors.

Panoz offers eight standard color options for the Esperante, unless you’re looking for something a bit different. In that case there’s quite literally thousands of other options for true individualization. The interior is similar in that there are four standard colors, but again Panoz is more than ready to cater to unique requests no matter how off-the-wall it might be.

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